Amazon’s 10-Point Guide to Amazon Marketing: Amazon’s Best Practices for Online Marketing

The world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon, offers exceptional marketing services to help businesses grow. In this article, we will cover 10 tips from the pros on how to best market on

Hire The Right Copywriter

You might think that good writing is simply a matter of art and mastery, but the truth is, good copywriting can be quite the challenge. There are many writing tactics, styles, and strategies. The best approach is to hire a professional to help you. You can find many top-notch copywriters on freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. When you are looking for a copywriter, make sure to consider their experience, portfolio, and reviews. You should also think about whether you want an experienced copywriter or someone new to the industry. Familiarity with the platform is a definite advantage.

Dress Your Audience In Clothes They’ll appreciate

You might not always have the luxury of choosing your audience’s clothing, but you can always influence what they wear. Studies show that when an audience feels that they are attending a fashion show or looking at a fashion advertisement, they will more likely relate to the content inside the advertisement. To make your content more interesting and unique, try dressing your audience in clothes that complement your brand. If you have a fashion-related business, you can use this tactic to gain some leverage. For example, if you operate a handbag store, you might want to consider borrowing some stylish attire such as heels or stonewash jeans to attract more female customers to your store. Also, you can use your social media platforms to ask influencers to dress in your store’s clothing lines.

Create Compelling Headlines

A good headline is undoubtedly the most important part of your content. It’s the one thing that will draw users in and keep them engaged with your content. To grab the attention of online readers, use headlines that are short and to the point. If you are writing an article for a magazine, you will want to keep your headlines under 50 words. For web content, go for at least 75 words as this will ensure that your headlines will be displayed in bold text as part of the H1 tag. There are many tools available online to help you come up with a compelling headline, like Growamp’s Word Sleuth and WritePerfect’s Best Headlines.

Use Inbound Marketing To Build An Audience

Inbound marketing is all about attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow your business. This method focuses on creating value and offering something of real benefit to your audience. When applied correctly, inbound marketing can be an extremely effective tool to build your audience, establish trust, and boost profits. One of the major principles of inbound marketing is creating content that is useful, valuable, and solves a problem. When doing so, you will want to make sure that you are providing people with the best possible value and are not being overly promotional. A good practice to ensure you are applying inbound marketing effectively is to ask yourself questions about the persona of your ideal customer. For example, if you’re creating digital content for an audience comprised mostly of millenials, you would want to ensure that your content is valuable and relevant to them. To attract more qualified leads to your website, you can run a lead magnet like a free download or a short video tutorial to entice potential customers. Additionally, you can ask potential customers to provide feedback on the content they’ve encountered so far via a survey or short contest with a prize at the end. At this point, you can begin to analyze the results of the survey or contest and use the information to determine if and how you will improve your content moving forward.

Publish Frequently

Frequency is important when it comes to attracting, engaging, and retaining your audience. Consistency is even more vital when it comes to establishing trust and credibility with your audience. To attract more people to your channel and grow your viewership, you can ask content creators to publish videos frequently. This will encourage potential customers to see more of your work and establish you as an expert in your field. Additionally, frequent publishing will make your channel more attractive to potential investors who may see consistency as a sign of a healthy business.

Use Video In All Forms

You might think that texts and images work just as well as videos when it comes to marketing, but this is far from true. Videos capture an audience’s attention more effectively than texts or images because people inherently value their time more than anything else. Therefore, videos allow for more time-sensitive marketing strategies and offer a lot more opportunities for businesses to engage with their audience. In addition to videos, texts and images can be used to market a business — however, you might want to use these items in a more creative manner to catch the attention of your audience.

Use Your Social Media Accounts

A major advantage of the digital age is that businesses now have access to a global audience. This is great for marketing but can also pose some challenges. One of the biggest challenges is gaining meaningful engagement with this audience. Studies show that 62% of consumers use social media to learn about products and brands, while 58% use it to discuss relevant topics, and 55% use it to discover new products. To gain the most from your social media accounts, you will want to focus on building a community. If you have a business page on one of the major social media platforms, you can begin to engage with your audience by posting regularly and responding to comments.

Offer Something Of Real Value

As we mentioned above, inbound marketing is all about providing real value to your audience. This means that your marketing efforts should always be backed by something of real value. For example, if you are creating content to attract potential customers to your business, make sure that you are offering them something of real value in return. The most popular and trusted brands on internet marketplaces like provide their audience with content that is highly valuable. For instance, if you’re reading this piece on the Starbucks blog, you can be sure that you’re getting value since Starbucks is always worth checking out. Moreover, providing value-based content makes your marketing efforts more reliable and trustworthy to your audience.

Avoid Over-Promotion

Like we said above, consistency is extremely important when it comes to establishing trust and credibility with your audience. One of the primary ways to destroy the credibility and value of your content is to over-promote it. This is far from an easy feat, but one way to do it is by becoming overly promotional or using loud, annoying language in your headlines or body copy. Your content will suffer, and so will your reputation. Your best bet is to be consistent with your content while remaining neutral in your marketing efforts. When done correctly, being consistent provides your audience with information and value while not being overly promotional.

Measure The Effect Of Your Marketing Efforts

The key to effective marketing is to measure the results of your efforts. Like any business decision, it’s important to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. To do this, you can use several methods. You can track the number of visits to your web pages, the amount of time spent on your website, and the conversion of those visits into paying customers. You can also look at the number of social media followers or the amount of engagement on your company’s social media accounts. In addition to metrics like these, you should also look at how satisfied your website’s visitors are with the value they received from your content. To find the answers you seek, conduct a customer survey or review product websites to see how others in your industry rank compared to you.

With these 10 tips from the pros, you’ll be able to effectively market your business on From creating compelling headlines to ensuring that your videos provide value, these are all important steps to take to ensure that your efforts will pay off.