AdEdge Marketing: The Westport, CT Company That’s Doing It Right

A few months back, I published an article on behalf of one of my clients explaining the importance of SEO and how to implement a successful SEO strategy for real estate agents. While the advice in that article was spot on, it didn’t have enough details on how to actually carry out the strategy. So I reached out to the folks at AdEdge Marketing and asked them if they would be interested in writing up some content to help other marketers across North America put the theory into practice.

To my delight, they agreed and today I’m pleased to bring you some of their top tips on how to optimize your digital marketing efforts for real estate agents and what they can offer your agency.

Get A Broad Reach Of Visitors

One of the best things about AdEdge Marketing is that they recognize the importance of digital marketing’s broad reach and interactivity. The firm was originally founded in 2008 and grew rapidly out of Texas thanks to its effective mix of marketing and technology. Since then, it’s been operating out of Westport, Connecticut and has expanded to a global team of over 30 experts in digital marketing, sales and business development.

One of the firm’s cofounders, David Steinberg, puts it this way: “The best way to attract, engage, and retain customers is through multiple touchpoints and channels. The more you can offer, the more you’ll retain. This is why we build tools and offer services in multiple locations—so that customers can find what they’re looking for wherever they are.”

Through a combination of website optimization, social media marketing, and SEO, AdEdge Marketing helps real estate agents gain increased traffic and leads from organic search engine rankings. They also assist with paid search advertising, social media marketing, webinars, and more.

The takeaway is that organic reach is beneficial to businesses of all sizes, while paid search can work for large businesses with a clear digital marketing budget.

Keep Your Marketing And Sales On Same Page

One of the key takeaways from my own experience working with AdEdge Marketing is that they understand the value of keeping the marketing and sales teams on the same page. This is especially beneficial for real estate agents, who may find it difficult to quantify the return on investment from a marketing standpoint, if they aren’t also generating leads from the sales side.

Marketing and sales work best when they’re closely linked. This doesn’t mean that your marketing strategy will dictate your sales activities, but that your marketing efforts will help you measure and track the success of your sales campaign. For example, if you’re using PPC (paid search) to gain inbound marketing leads, you can tie those leads into a conversion funnel and measure the success of your sales campaign in the same way you would if you had conducted a traditional direct mail or phone campaign.

The bottom line is that marketing and sales should work hand in hand to produce a successful result, and a good digital marketer will know how to keep the two aligned.

Find The Right Media Channels

If your business is brand new or you’re looking to significantly expand your reach, AdEdge Marketing recommends building a media list of the relevant websites and blogs that can help your business gain traction. With over 200 million active users, TikTok is one of the most popular social platforms with a large chunk of users in the United States. It’s also one of the most engaged platforms when it comes to generating leads and driving traffic to your brand or website.

TikTok’s success is largely thanks to its effective and simple approach to connecting users with content that they’ll value and enjoy. The platform allows content creators to reach a large audience without having to spend countless hours creating quality content for traditional social media sites. As a result, many business owners and marketers are looking to get in on the action and develop engaging content for this increasingly popular social media platform.

You may also want to consider exploring Instagram’s paid option, which allows businesses to earn money from their content. More than 100 million users rely on the app to discover and share content that interests them, whether it be brands, articles, or images. Instagram’s success comes from its audience—79% of which say that the platform helps them discover content that interests them and that they’ll value and remember.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network with over 250 million users, has been around since early 2018 and has established itself as the go-to platform for employers and recruiters to connect with highly qualified job seekers. LinkedIn’s premium offering, Sponsored Content, allows businesses to promote their products and services to professionals in exchange for a fee. This effectively gives you an advertisement on the world’s largest professional network, which may help your business gain credibility and reach new customers.

Use Keywords In Your Content

The importance of keywords can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Instead of just throwing up some text and hoping that people will magically find your site, you can take the time to enter keywords into your content. This will vastly improve your SEO and allow you to make your website or blog more discoverable.

Google’s algorithm rewards websites that are successfully optimized for keywords. The search giant’s goal is to provide the best possible results to users, so they prioritize websites that are optimized for specific keywords. As a result, if you want to rank high on Google, you need to enter the right keywords into your content.

For example, if you’re writing a blog post about SEO for real estate agents, you could include the following keywords:

  • SEO for real estate agents
  • Real estate SEO
  • Digital marketing for real estate agents
  • Top SEO tips for real estate agents
  • What is SEO?

You could also include the name of the blog you’re writing for ( along with the word ‘blog’ as part of your keyword research, which would help you find more articles like this one when potential customers search for keywords associated with your content.

Interact With Your Audience

The better your content is, the more people will want to engage with you. This is especially important on social media platforms, where users expect quick, easy, and clean interactions. In addition to producing quality content, you can also use social media to communicate with your audience.

Building a following on social media is a great way to gain credibility with potential customers and show the world that you’re a trusted source of information. Instead of just posting a status update or sharing an article, you can engage with your audience by responding to their comments and questions. Doing this shows that you’re not just a pretty face or a business that happens to have a blog. You’re a thought leader in your industry and someone that people can turn to for help.

Use Analytics And Measure The Results Of Your Strategy

You can’t run a marketing campaign without analytics, so it’s important to have one of these tools available to you at all times. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides you with insight into the behavior of your audience. The good news is that it’s free.

You can use this tool to track the results of your marketing campaigns and determine the most effective methods for bringing in new customers. It can also help you determine the conversion rate of different campaigns, which can help you choose the right ones for your business.

The bottom line is that not all marketing strategies will work for all businesses, so it’s important to find the ones that do and make them work hard.