970006+ Head of Online Marketing and Communications

The world is a big place. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to lose track of time. But, that’s not something you should be doing. You have a purpose in life, a career that you love, and a family that you cherish. You should not be wasting your time. And, that’s what you’ll do if you keep checking your email, browsing social media, and wasting time on tasks that don’t matter.

Marketing and communications mix together to form a powerful whole in the online world. That’s why HubSpot created a new marketing position called the Head of Online Marketing and Communications. This role is responsible for driving business growth through strategic marketing and communications planning, analysis, and execution across all digital platforms. Sounds cool, right?

If you’re interested in this job, then it’s time to find out how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here are some helpful tips for getting started:

Find Your Calling

Before you can take on this exciting challenge, you’ll need to find your calling. That’s a real thing that happens, actually. Jobs that are a blend of marketing and communications are much more common than you’d think. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), marketing and communications occupations are expected to grow 14% from 2020 to 2026.

So, if you’re looking for a new challenge, the BLS website has the perfect career guide for you. Look up the marketing and communications occupations that interest you, and then apply with some of the top companies in your area. You can also consult with the career placement team at your school or community college to find the best fit.

Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular tool among job seekers and employers alike. If you’re new to the platform, then it’s a good idea to get the most out of it. Use the tips below to get the most from your LinkedIn efforts.

  • Create a compelling, personal headline for your profile
  • Keep your summary brief but compelling
  • Tag your LinkedIn posts with relevant keywords
  • Join groups that correspond with your target job role
  • Follow and connect with relevant industry leaders

With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to target jobs that you’re passionate about. Further, you can use the platform to access valuable expert networks and gain insight into how YOU can best position yourself for success in your chosen career field.

Get Confident

If you prepare the right way for your interview, you’ll be able to showcase your confidence and stand out from the crowd. And, because this is a new role in an already growing field, employers are definitely going to be on the lookout for talented and eager professionals. That said, you deserve a job you love, so start preparing now!

There are plenty of tools and resources available to help you get ready for your interview. Start by educating yourself on what to expect. Visit the HR department at your school or local library to see what resources they have available. And, don’t forget to practice interview questions so that you’re not caught off guard during the interview itself. If you need some assistance, ask friends or family members to help out. They’ll be able to give you tips on how to answer questions properly and give you some helpful advice about the workplace too.

Get Inspired

Inspiration can come from many different places. Sometimes, it comes from something as simple as a beautiful picture or a quote. Sometimes, it comes from an event that you’ve attended or heard about. Sometimes, it comes from a book that you’ve read. No matter where it comes from, you can be sure that it will inspire you to greatness.

It’s important to note that your inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to your career field. After all, who cares what industry you’re in when you’re passionate about something else entirely. For example, if you’re an artist, then your art might inspire you to become a graphic designer. Or, if you’re a writer, going on a book tour might inspire you to become a publisher.

Get A Coach

Even though you might be used to doing things on your own, being self-employed means that you’re always on your own. And, being the best you can be means going that extra mile. Sometimes, that can mean sacrificing your free time to accomplish more. That’s why you might want to consider getting a coach. A little bit of help from someone who’s expertise you can access whenever you need it.

Getting a coach doesn’t mean that you have to pay them to give you advice. Sometimes, all you need is for someone to listen to you and offer some guidance. You might not always like what you hear, but at least you’ll know where you’re going wrong and what needs to change.

Be Ready To Learn

This is going to be a constantly changing field. The more you learn, the better you’ll be equipped to handle the ever-changing world of digital marketing and communications. So, be ready to learn. Also, because this is a field that’s constantly changing and evolving, take the time to constantly learn too. Be ready to read publications, listen to podcasts, and attend events to stay abreast of all the changes that are happening.

It’s easy to get discouraged about the ever-changing world of digital marketing and communications, but that’s just not how you need to be thinking. Instead, look at this as an opportunity to grow and evolve too. And, don’t be afraid to ask questions about things you don’t know or understand. You’ll be helping other people too, so you might as well get as much as you can out of it. And, if you’re lucky, you might even learn something along the way too.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

This is important whether you’re working on your own or with a coach. It’s easy to get distracted by everything going on around you. Especially, when you’re excited about something new, it’s easy to let your attention slip. The more you can keep your eye on the ball, the better. That means doing your research, being organized, and sticking to your plan. It means not wasting your energy on things that don’t matter and keeping your eye on the things that do. That’s how you get ahead, one successful strategy at a time.

Follow The Golden Rules

These rules will help you become the best version of yourself possible. Whether you’re managing your own social media accounts or working with a content strategist, your job is to provide value to your followers. So, be sure to engage with your audience. Answer questions, speak to your followers’ concerns, and keep them interested. You can also use social media to identify the key issues and topics that are most relevant to your target audience. With a little bit of effort on your part, you can ensure that your social accounts are performing at their best and help your business to grow.

The world is a big place, and there’s plenty to do. And, for young professionals, it can be a lot to handle alone. That’s why you need to find the right help. Whether it’s a trusted coach or a professional social media strategist, someone who can help you make the most of your time and ensure that you’re getting the most out of all your efforts.