2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge

From April 6th to April 30th, Google hosted the 2017 Online Marketing Challenge (OMC) for e-commerce marketers and digital marketers. The OMC is a 30-day competition where participants could earn up to $15,000 in prizes by developing and delivering marketing campaigns across different platforms.

Each day, four contests will be held for the Top Performers in each of the four categories: E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Search Marketing, and Social Marketing. These Top Performers will then advance to the Grand Finale where a cash prize of $15,000 will be given to the best overall marketing campaign.

What Is the Google Online Marketing Challenge (OMC)?

The OMC is a worldwide competition where brands and agencies can submit e-commerce and digital marketing campaigns for a Google review and potential prize money. The review process is completely free of charge and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The reviews are then posted online for all to see.

The OMC was officially launched in 2015 as a way for Google to “stimulate fresh ideas and inspire innovation,” according to Google. Since its inception, the OMC has hosted hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes and continues to grow annually.

This year, the OMC expanded to include a Search Marketing Challenge, which allows marketers to compete for a share of a $25,000 prize pool for the best search marketing campaign focused on a specified target audience. The Social Marketing Challenge allows participants to vie for a share of a $15,000 prize pool for the best digital marketing campaign that engages users across platforms. Finally, the E-commerce Marketing Challenge (EMC) is a chance for business owners to prove that their strategies and tactics work through real-life case studies and earn a cash prize of up to $15,000 for their efforts.

How Do I Participate In The Google Online Marketing Challenge (OMC)?

If you’re interested in participating in the OMC, simply visit the website and click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then need to enter your name, email, and phone number plus a password of at least eight characters. After entering these details, you’ll be taken to the page where you can choose which category you want to join (E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Search Marketing, or Social Marketing).

From there, you’ll be navigated to a page where you can find a detailed description of the challenge and begin your 30-day journey to become a Top Performer.

If you choose E-commerce as your category, you’ll then be taken to a page where you can either join a store that’s already been picked or start a new shop from scratch. You’ll have 30 days to set up your store, find product information, and begin selling. You can also choose to become an affiliate marketer for a number of brands and earn a commission on any sales you make.

Why Should You Consider The Google Online Marketing Challenge (OMC)?

It’s fairly easy to see why one might want to participate in the OMC. The annual contest has numerous perks for participants. First, you’ll get access to a vibrant community of e-commerce professionals who are likely to be beneficial to your business. Additionally, you’ll get daily email updates from Google during the contest period, ensuring you stay informed of all the happenings.

The Google OMC is also a great place for beginners to gain experience while having fun at the same time. The four main contests are a great way to build up your portfolio of work and prove to potential employers that you’re capable of delivering top-notch work while still having fun with your work-related hobbies. If you meet the right people, you may even land your first job through the OMC.

For seasoned professionals who’ve been around the block a few times, the OMC is a great way to gain valuable experience and establish credibility. You may land your second or third job through connections made or credentials demonstrated in the OMC. Additionally, Google will evaluate all the campaigns that enter the OMC and choose one grand winner based on overall performance across all four categories. This is a great chance to prove to the world that you’re capable of beating the odds and earning your accolades.

The Google OMC also provides a great platform for entrepreneurs who want to get their foot in the door of e-commerce. Since the review process is entirely online, all you need is a reliable internet connection, a laptop or mobile device, and a reliable email account. You can then create a small business website or blog and begin to develop a following. From there, you can apply to establish your own e-commerce store or blog and begin to earn income through online marketing. The whole process from start to finish takes less than half a day.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, the Google OMC is a fun and rewarding platform for individuals who want to develop and grow their own business. Even if you don’t win any prizes, simply participating is rewarded with valuable experience and the opportunity to establish yourself within the community of successful online marketers.