2015 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

The rapid growth of technology and the evolving expectations of modern consumers makes it essential for marketers to keep up with the times and learn new tactics and strategies to improve their performance.

While conventional marketing education focuses on classroom learning, digital marketing courses offer students the opportunity to learn necessary skills and put them into practice right away. Thanks to the emergence of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), also known as “e-learning platforms”, becoming familiar with digital marketing strategies and technologies is now a possibility for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Top-Ranked Online Marketing Degrees That Enable You to Adapt to Changing Times

What makes a good online marketing degree? Is it the reputation of the institution, the specialty of the degree, or the quality of the curriculum?

Answer: All of the above. But mostly, it’s about how successfully the institution prepares you for the job market. After you graduate, you will be able to adapt to changing times and new technologies and be able to take advantage of new marketing opportunities that emerge.

Here are the top-ranked online marketing degrees that prepare you for a career in digital marketing and the changing world of commerce.

1. Bachelor of Science in Advertising/Marketing

Scents of apple cider, pumpkin spice, and cocoa float through the air as you approach the Bates campus in Belmont, Massachusetts. You’re here to study advertising and marketing, but you might also learn a thing or two about biology and chemistry along the way.

This degree from Bates will give you a well-rounded education that prepares you for a career in marketing. Whether you’re interested in marketing strategy or just want to learn more about advertising and marketing, this is the degree for you. And if you love to travel, you can study abroad for a semester and gain valuable global marketing experience.

2. Master of Science in Digital Marketing

The Master of Science in Digital Marketing prepares you for a career in digital marketing by providing you with sound theoretical knowledge and practical experience. As a digital marketer, you will conduct marketing research, design marketing strategies, analyze marketing data, write marketing reports, and implement marketing campaigns for brands and agencies.

3. Master of Science in Market Research

Marketing research is the process of gathering information about customer’s behavior, lifestyles, and demographics to better understand what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.

As a market researcher, you will be expected to conduct extensive research using various tools and techniques, and present your findings in a concise yet elegant manner.

This career may be right for you if you’re looking for a challenge, and enjoy spending your free time analyzing data and converting it into valuable insights that help businesses achieve their marketing goals. You might also want to consider this degree if you want to develop a comprehensive understanding of consumers and their behavior.

4. Master of Science in Media Planning & Buying

Branded content is everywhere. From digital banners on websites to TV commercials, magazine spreads, and even social media posts. With so much content vying for your attention, it’s no wonder that advertisers are turning to digital marketing in record numbers. Get familiar with the terminology and concepts used by advertisers and digital marketers to get ahead of the curve.

This degree in Media Planning & Buying will take you through the entire process of creating a marketing plan for a brand or agency, from idea to execution. You will develop an in-depth understanding of media planning, media buying, and analytics, and gain the skills needed to become a full-fledged PR strategist.

5. Master of Science in Digital Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, every business is a digital business, and marketing in the digital age is a constantly evolving profession. This degree in Digital Marketing Strategy enables you to get ahead of the curve by providing you with the in-demand skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced environment.

The digital marketing strategy is a blueprint for implementing a digital marketing plan. You will develop an in-depth understanding of online behavior and conversion processes, and design measurable marketing campaigns that produce desired results.

Thanks to the proliferation of online marketing outlets and advanced analytics tools, businesses now have the ability to measure the success of their digital marketing campaigns and make necessary adjustments to improve performance. Whether you’re a business or agency, this is the degree for you.